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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to worship Jesus Christ as Jehovah God Almighty and to make him known to every creature as outlined in God’s holy word, the King James Bible. We are to win the lost, baptize, and teach the saved (Matthew 28:19,20).

Some of the doctrines we believe:

1. The King James Version is the very Word of God.
2. Jesus Christ is Jehovah God Almighty.
3. Being born again scripturally is the only way to a literal and very real Heaven where the saints of God will spend eternity with Jesus Christ.
4. There is a literal Hell, which will be cast into a literal Lake of Fire with brimstone where the devil, fallen angels, and all lost people will spend eternity without escape, hope, or relief for rejecting Jesus Christ. Hell’s Truth
5. A child of God can never lose their salvation; once saved, always saved.
6. If it was good enough for Jesus to go to John the Baptist to be baptized by immersion, then it’s good enough for us to be baptized by Baptists.
7. Churches should sing the old hymns, gospel songs, and spiritual songs that are old fashioned without the worldly beat of rock ‘n roll, disco, rap, metal, soft rock, hard rock, religious contemporary music, and any music that promotes the Egyptian-style beat and rhythm of modern contemporary secular and religious music.
8. We believe the local church consists of baptized believers with Jesus Christ as her head having preeminence.
9. We are unashamedly independent Baptist and we are not yoked together with any denomination in any way. We do visit and promote ministries of like-minded independent Baptist churches who are concerned about the salvation of souls and who believe the King James Version is the Word of God.
10. We believe, teach, and preach modest apparel should be worn by believers.