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How to Choose the Right Church

Below is a very short list of things to look for in looking for the right church. For those folks who have been faithful to a good Bible-believing church and who read and study the Word of God daily and who support the old-time religion, these will be very obvious. But I have received many requests online as to how to decide which church is good and which church is not. These few points below will narrow the field quite a bit. There are plenty of Bible verses to back these up. As a matter of fact, they are too numerous to mention. I have learned that the two-fold reason people do not go to the right church is because they are not willing to take the right stand, and it all goes back to the love of money and the fear of men. I have seen what I had thought were good men go to the wrong religious place because of a backslidden, stubborn, and rebellious wife and teenagers who “forced” them to their own slaughter. I have seen good women pulled out of good churches because of their sports-addicted and alcohol-drinking husbands who refused to obey God’s command to be separate from the world.

1. Make sure the church only uses the King James Version of the Bible. This is the most important requirement. Any English-speaking church that does not use only the King James Version of the Bible is not a good church and should be avoided. Of course, I have visited heathen places on vacation and I have taken pictures of pagan worship areas. Consider every religious place or organization that does not have and exclusively use only the King James Authorized Version as one of those pagan religions. The only thing that separates us from the world is the true Words of God contained in the Word of God. Any English-speaking pastor or religious leader that does not know why they should be using the King James Version only in a Bible-believing church is someone not to be trusted in any way. Those religious leaders are more concerned with money, crowds, and popularity than wanting to teach their church the truth concerning the Words of God contained in the Word of God. There is so much knowledge available today in books, pamphlets, and online that an English-speaking religious leader who does not believe and teach and preach only from the King James Version of the Bible is either a coward, an unbeliever, or is a fake, phony, and a fraud. Stay away from English-speaking churches that do not only use the King James Version. The religious leaders who have forsaken the King James Authorized Version are more interested in their college degrees, their alma maters, their diplomas, their intelligence, their ability to hoodwink lazy and simple-minded believers who are too consumed with the world themselves than to try to do a study and a search of the living Words of God contained in the Word of God. They boast about their seminaries, their colleges, their expensive church grounds, their budgets, their schools, their lifestyles, their homes, their cars, and their financial support and backing by other rebellious and backslidden believers who themselves are too lazy to find out that their religious leaders are living a treasonous life according to the very Words of God in the Word of God. That is why you see so many evangelical, community, and interdenominational religious groups playing African and Caribbean rock n’ roll music with religious words, teaching their women to expose their nakedness in public, teach their women to dress like abominations, they never go street preaching, and almost never go soulwinning with the Word of God. The blind lead the blind.

2. If you are going to a non-English-speaking church, make sure that the translation of whatever language translation you are reading and hearing from is directly translated from either (preferably) the King James Version of the Bible or from the Textus Receptus, from which the King James Version of the Bible was translated from hundreds of years ago. Too often, non-English-speaking people are drawn to a congregation only because of their ethnicity and similar culture and those folks speak the same language as they do. That is not the right choice and decision to make when considering what church to attend or belong to. Again, as in the first point above, the most important ingredient in any church is that they have the Words of God of the Word of God. Any church that does not have either the KJV or the foreign language equivalent of the KJV is deceiving itself. Without the Words of God contained in the Word of God, you do not have salvation, you do not have the blessings of God, you do not have the power of God, you do not have the authority of God. The enemy has deceived too many religious people by printing the words “Holy Bible” in English or in another language just to make money and they have deceived the ignorant masses of sheep who are being led to the slaughter by their fake, phony, and fraud religious leaders who may be able to smile and talk a good religious talk and sing some good religious songs.

3. Make sure it’s a Baptist church and the word Baptist is on their sign and on their pamphlets and on their gospel tracts. The only reason organizations do not want to put the word Baptist on their name is because they are more concerned with attracting a bigger crowd than pleasing Jesus Christ. They are more interested in a following and being menpleasers than obeying God’s commands. If it was good enough for Jesus Christ to go to John the Baptist to be baptized, why would anyone be ashamed of being a Baptist? Love of money? Popularity? Less ridicule? Less hated? Less friction? Less contention? Less problems? Less explaining? Less fighting? All that equals less power, less blessings, less courage, less zeal, less compassion, less standards, less love, less loyalty, less or no truth. The Baptists have been the most hated groups all through the past 2,000 years in Europe. The Baptists were tortured and burned at the stake because Baptists would not bow their knees to the Catholics and Protestants who ruled Europe. And, today, the most hated group of people in America today are independent, fundamental Baptists. Count me in that group unashamedly!

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