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I am a Gay Liberal…After All!

I am a Gay Liberal….After All!
By: D. G. Koletas

I know what you’re thinking. “Has Bro Koletas come out of the closet?” The answer is, no. I am not a sodomite! I am not a socialist! Too many Christians are afraid of labels and labeling yet there are too many biblical examples to list that support the idea of labeling. Once more, the crowd that criticizes labeling is the same crowd that bastardizes biblical words to fit filthy and ridiculous sins and ideas. Gay is a Bible word. Liberal is a Bible word. But for those who struggle to understand or accept God’s Word, let’s see what Mr. Webster says:


GAY, adjective

1. Merry; airy; jovial; sportive; frolicksome. It denotes more life and animation than cheerful.
Belinda smiled, and all the world was gay
2. Fine; showy; as a gay dress.
3. Inflamed or merry with liquor; intoxicated; a vulgar use of the word in America.
GAY, noun An ornament. [Not used.]


LIB’ERAL, adjective [Latin liberalis, from liber, free. See Libe.]

1. Of a free heart; free to give or bestow; not close or contracted; munificent; bountiful; generous; giving largely; as a liberal donor; the liberal founders of a college or hospital. It expresses less than profuse or extravagant.
2. Generous; ample; large; as a liberal donation; a liberal allowance.
3. Not selfish, narrow on contracted; catholic; enlarged; embracing other interests than one’s own; as liberal sentiments or views; a liberal mind; liberal policy.
4. General; extensive; embracing literature and the sciences generally; as a liberal education. This phrase is often but not necessarily synonymous with collegiate; as a collegiate education.
5. Free; open; candid; as a liberal communication of thoughts.
6. Large; profuse; as a liberal discharge of matter by secretions or excretions.
7. Free; not literal or strict; as a liberal construction of law.
8. Not mean; not low in birth or mind.
9. Licentious; free to excess.

Liberal arts, as distinguished from mechanical arts, are such as depend more on the exertion of the mind than on the labor of the hands, and regard amusement, curiosity or intellectual improvement, rather than the necessity of subsistence, or manual skill. Such are grammar, rhetoric, painting, sculpture, architecture, music. etc.

Liberal has of before the thing bestowed, and to before the person or object on which any thing is bestowed; as, to be liberal of praise or censure; liberal to the poor.

Both are Bible words. Both are good words. Yet both words have been redefined by those who seek to change the truth of God into a lie. Sodomites are not gay! Socialists are not liberal!

James 1:5 >> If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

And when I say Sodomites are not gay, I don’t mean that these aren’t synonymous. Although that is true. Sodomites are statistically unhappy and depressed. Carrying one of the highest suicide rates. And don’t say it’s because they’re not accepted- they shouldn’t be accepted. So the same people that say we shouldn’t call sodomites sodomites, faggots, queers, homos, etc; are the same people saying “gay community.” So they claim to not label people yet label vile individuals with a wholesome word. Notice it’s usually the “liberal” crowd that uses “gay community,” then in the very next breath tells me not to label people as I might offend them.

So this whole false narrative is being pushed based on the ridiculous premise that by labeling sin and the sinner we are pushing them away. If we would be nicer and more polite to sinners, “while hating the sin,” maybe they’d get saved. There are a couple problems with this.

1- We should NEVER compromise or soften our stand on an issue because we perceive it to be more effective by the world’s standards. How about “It’s never right to do wrong in order to get a chance to do right?” I don’t care what books you are reading, but the ends do NOT justify the means.

Proverbs 22:28 >> Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.

2- Remember when the Canaanite woman came to Jesus? She was seeking the Lord! He wasn’t even preaching! She sought him out! Yet Jesus called her a dog! I am not, NEITHER HAVE I HEARD OF ANYONE, advocating for Christians using this approach. No one is proposing that we preach at sinners while we are soul winning. We are to preach the gospel. The principle remains. Even after being insulted, the Canaanite woman was humble enough to realize her state and beg Jesus for mercy!

So to teach that sodomites will get saved or even come to church if we are nicer to them or don’t label them is preposterous and weak-kneed! I got saved in March of 1993 for one reason and one reason only- I realized I was a wicked sinner headed straight to hell without Christ. I was not offended when the soulwinner told me I was a sinner! I was convicted. I was not angry when he said God’s punishment was hell! I was scared. No Conviction, no conversion! I’ve yet to meet a humble queer. I understand you’ve been in the ministry longer than I, but placating to sinners doesn’t win souls.

Matthew 15:27 And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table. 28 Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour.

3- Was Asa trying to save the Sodomites when he drove them out and tore down their houses? Personally, I’ll give the gospel to anyone, because I don’t see the heart. But I wonder if Asa labeled the sodomites when he drove them out. Or maybe they were merely evicted for not paying rent…I might look into the Greek for this new revelation. You see the sodomites that Asa cast out(most likely with a two-edged sword) already knew the truth! Don’t tell me the faggots marching down Main St don’t know the truth. They know the truth but have rejected it. If Asa was a Bible preacher today, you’d say he was a hateful man and not concerned with winning souls. The funny thing is, God said he did that which was right.

I Kings 15:11 And Asa did that which was right in the eyes of the LORD, as did David his father. 12 And he took away the sodomites out of the land, and removed all the idols that his fathers had made

To make matters worse, we shouldn’t call ourselves straight, because this implies that sodomites are crooked! WHICH THEY ARE! So not only should we not label the unrighteous, but labeling ourselves is now wrong. I have never in my life said “I am straight” or “I am heterosexual.” I have said I’m not a faggot! And I’m not ashamed of that. I don’t care what you think! I don’t care if sodomites feel cast out–they should be cast out.

The argument is made that when we call ourselves straight or “heterosexual” we are implying that there is an acceptable alternative. So if we accept this philosophy, one would wonder why God would label thieves, drunkards, and liars. After all, homosexuality is just another sin, RIGHT?? God said thou shalt not steal, so why acknowledge that there is an alternative by saying thief? Are you honest? Well, don’t say you are because that would imply there’s an alternative. You know? Like lying. And Jesus or his man never called anyone a liar! This is sad!

I recall in scripture somewhere that someone withstood someone to the face. And we are to mark them which cause divisions. Jesus might want to read some of the independent fundamental books so He could straighten out his doctrine. When John called out Diotrophes, he wasn’t the problem, Diotrephes was. It’s astounding how when pussy footers and heretics (I’m speaking in generality now) are exposed, they play the victim (remind you of the American “liberal?”) and claim that they are John and Diotrophes is the problem. But Truth is right, NO MATTER WHO SAYS IT! When Dr Hyles was labeled a “Ruckmanite” for joining the right side of the King James issue, I remember him saying “I’m a momma-ite! Thank God he stood on truth and ignored the labels. I’m not a Ruckmanite, Andersonite, or Westboroite. (I’m speaking specifically now) I’m a Bible believing hell fire damnation Baptist. I’ll side with Truth no matter whose side you think that puts me on. Example: (since DJT is a fundamentalist favorite) I did not vote for Donald Trump, nor do I like the man, however, when he does right, I rigorously defend the action. I’m not a Trumpet, nor will I ever be, but I will never be intimidated to stand on truth and right because of labels. So the folks teaching not to label the alternative are labeling us. And I can’t deny, some of the labels are quite catchy!

I’ll close with this since I’m only addressing the issue of labels. So we shouldn’t label ourselves because it gives credence to the alternative. So then why are men traveling the country attempting to reach the “gay community?” Isn’t that itself a label? Both inaccurate and bastardized. So this crowd claims we witness to everyone but the ones they themselves labeled, but they brag about their ministry that only focuses on the ones that God gave over to vile affections. I think I might start a ministry to reach bank robbers! They were born that way after all–not as bank robbers, but as accountants. They are merely confused about whose money to count! We need to reach these people with the gospel! God created them with a natural ability to count money, so I recommend you pastors bring them back to the church and use them to count the offerings and manage your finances! And don’t call them bank robbers. They’re merely accountants and we don’t want to chase them away.

-Δ. Γεωργιος Κολετας