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Forward to Where is the KJB

Foreward to Where is the King James Bible?

I was saved in 1978 when I was 21 years old. The first couple of years after I got saved saw me wandering in the wilderness of Bible perversions and trusting a lying pastor and lying theologians and scholars more than God ‘s Word. Once I found out that the King James Bible was the inspired and preserved Word of God, I left the spineless evangelicals and forever disassociated myself from their fake, phony, and fraud theologians and scholars. Any honest person can easily understand there are only two lines of manuscripts from which religious people claim to have received their English “Bibles. ” The false and wicked line of manuscripts come from the Alexandrian manuscripts of Egypt, Africa, from which every modern English translation and the Douay Version has its roots. Let me repeat. Every English translation. Except one. The only exception is the King James Version and its predecessors. The KJV is the only English translation whose roots are to be found in Antioch, Syria, where God says, “the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch. ” It takes only a few hours of honest study of manuscript evidence and history to deduct what should be the most important study of EVERY believer’s life: the Word of God that contains the very words of God. But, alas, the evangelical mind today is so worldly, so unholy and so far removed from God that the vast majority of so-called believers pay little or no attention to Bible manuscript history and to the abundance of available evidence for everyone to find (especially if you go online today) how Satan has deceived religious leaders and their followers away from the King James Bible. That is why there is no hope for the evangelical crowd. In order to have a revival, you must have the Word of God which contains the words of God. I do not know of a single evangelical that is willing to state that he is a King James only man. A man cannot be saved without the Word of God. It is the Word of God that saves the soul. You cannot have a revival without the Word of God. It is the very breath of God that breathes into the soul of the man who reads it. It is alive. It is pure. It is power. That is why the evangelical crowd is dead. They are dead to separation. They are dead to God. They are dead to winning souls. They are dead to standards. The ungodly “churches ” may speak in tongues. They may talk about miracles, visions, and dreams. They may jump up and down while dancing and rolling around on the floor and between the pews and stand shouting at the top of their lungs while sweating profusely. They may have a sign that indicates what hours they are open. They may have a schedule of service. They may have many activities throughout the week to keep people occupied and busy. They may do all sorts of things. But Jesus said, “thou hast a name that thou livest, but art dead. ” If they do not have a King James Bible, they do not have a Bible. If they do not have a King James Bible, they are not a church nor a Christian school. They may be a religious organization or a non-profit group that has a membership and meets together and functions as a body. But they are not a church.

But the article you are about to read is not aimed at evangelicals, charismatics, or Pentacostals. The article you are about to read has its cross hairs on so-called fundamental Baptist leaders, scholars, and theologians. I consider myself a very loyal individual. As a matter of fact, I have been known to be loyal to a fault. I mostly always take the side of the accused. I do not like to see people being accused or the target of proud, self-righteous Pharisees. I would rather be too loyal than a deserter of what is right, especially when the battle rages on. I would rather be too loyal to my friends and to a movement that advances the old-time religion, soulwinning and separation than be critical of its flaws and errors. It is human nature to criticize those from whom a backslider feels either conviction or jealousy. But I do acknowledge that there is an inherent danger in being too loyal to people, movements, and, yea, even churches, especially when they contradict the Word of Truth. Most all of us line up on the side of two opposing forces that we feel more comfortable in and the one we agree with more, even if we do not agree 100% with everything our “team” stands for. (That does not mean that there shouldn’t be more sides or more “teams ” in a fight.) That goes for church, ministry, college, fellowship, friends, etc. It should go without saying, but it needs repeating, that every church, movement, and leader is filled with men who are sinners. This is true of ungodly and worldly “churches ” and institutions as well as independent, separated Baptist churches. Thus, my beef is not with the quirks, faults, sins, errors, and disagreements I see in some of the past and present leaders of the movement that has been known as independent fundamental Baptists. Though I do not mind being called a fundamental Baptist and I do not denounce the fundamentals of the faith, I would much rather be known as a separated Baptist, or, a Separatist. The word fundamental is not in the Bible. The word separatist separates the lukewarm and spineless fundamentalists from those who are willing to go the second mile against the conventional wisdom of the world and of its own movement. “Be ye separate ” is still in the Scriptures. God commands us to be separate and to separate ourselves from the world and from other worldly believers. The Scriptures are very clear about that.

As Pastor DeGiorgio points out for himself in the following article, ever since about 1980, I likewise have stood unashamedly for the King James Version. For those of you who know me, nothing can come even close to my love for the King James Version. No man, family, relative, friend, doctrine, or standard is more important to me than my King James Bible. It is a conviction that I would die for. It is God speaking to me. They are the very words of God in the book of God called the Word of God. I started Grace Baptist Church in July of 1987, less than eight years after I trusted Christ to be my Saviour. For these past 28 years, my wife and I have laboured in Troy, New York, to see thousands upon thousands saved and hundreds baptized by immersion upon a public profession of salvation. God has been good to us through these years of many heartaches, disappointments, sins, treason, and difficulties to have given us a remnant of believers who love Jesus Christ, love the King James Bible, and love souls. It is very rare to find such a group of believers in our part of the antichristian and socialist world in which we presently live in. I have tried to be as honest with my people all these years and I have done my very best in preaching and teaching the entire counsel of the Word of God. As you can well imagine, it has not always been popular or welcomed by most. Nonetheless, with the Judgment Seat of Christ set before me, I have tried to warn and persuade others to trust Christ and to live for Him. And although I have miserably failed Him in so many areas, God has seen fit to bless in spite of me and despite me. What a great God we serve! I have often said, most Baptist preachers today, including myself, would never have even qualified to be a Baptist preacher a couple hundred years ago. But God can still use that which is available. And I am still convinced the best ability is our availability. Well, Pastor DeGiorgio has proven to me a truth that needs to be shouted from the rooftops. I am doing my part in the area of availability by putting his article online on our church’s web site for all to see and for all to gain knowledge that is not being taught or preached by the KJV-only IFB’s. Yes, I know it may be uncomfortable. Yes, I know some of us may need to go back to square one to find out why it is what we believe. But, alas, if history is any indication, the vast majority of the KJV-only crowd will either turn a blind eye, yawn, never read it, never study it, never pray about it, but go on in their delusional rejection of God’s Word until they meet the Word of God at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Welcome to what I consider one of the biggest, if not the biggest, spiritual bombshell of my life and of “our” movement that has fallen into my lap. I did not ask for it. I did not seek it. I did not want it. I was not looking for it. I did not know that, when I gave Pastor DeGiorgio a newly printed replica of the 1611 King James Version in 2011 as a gift, it would cause me to revisit this most important issue in my Christian life. I am now left with a decision on what to do with what I consider to be one of the biggest bombshells for independent fundamental Baptists. The purpose of the following article is not to embarrass or ridicule the followers of independent fundamental Baptists. It is not meant to demean or criticize those who have laboured in the many ministries across this globe trying to win souls before it is eternally too late. Much like my beef is not with the lost and ignorant Protestant and Catholic followers of the evil and heathen Romish “church. ” My beef is with the wicked antichristian pope, cardinals, bishops, and priests who are deceiving the multitudes heading for Hell without the saving knowledge of the mercy and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, falsely basing their works salvation on the works of the flesh. Because of my stand all these years for the King James Bible, I have lost some (what I had considered) close friends who have simply walked away and separated from me because I dared to say something about their alma mater or because I personally asked their leaders face to face about doctrinal and Bible positions. I have had pastors who want nothing to do with me because they believe I have gone too far in the KJV issue or perhaps on some standards of separation or my preaching. My love for God and the old black book is more important to me than earthly fair-weather “friends. ” But the following article is aimed directly at EVERY so-called theologian, scholar, and leader who sits in EVERY Baptist church, school, college, seminary, or ministry who has purposely lied to and deceived their followers when it comes to the King James Bible. I do not know every Baptist school, college, and seminary in the world. I did not go to a Bible college or a Bible seminary. I have worked a full-time job to provide for my wife and six children all these years as I pastored the church God has given me to pastor. One would think, though, that, especially within the past ten years of controversy amongst the IFB’s concerning the inspiration of the KJV, some KJV-only IFB somewhere would stand up and say what Pastor DeGiorgio has found out on his own with the limited resources and the very limited time available to him at the local library that gives him access to being online. That is frightening to me. That is appalling to me. That is treasonous to me. I am convinced more than ever that too many IFB’s are more concerned about their little kingdoms and their million dollar properties and their speaking engagements than they are about the inspiration of the King James Bible and where it is to be found. The following article will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind about that if that person is serious about their unfeigned love for the King James Bible.

For whatever it is worth, the author of the following article is Scott DeGiorgio, who was a member of our church until he surrendered to go into the ministry some 15 years ago. When Scott DeGiorgio first approached me and said that he believed that God was calling him into the ministry of evangelism, I quickly shot it down and told him, no, He ‘s not. I knew that if Scott DeGiorgio were to preach in other churches, he would never be invited back or supported by the 99% of the churches who unwittingly and ignorantly invited him in the first place. He is that kind of preacher. Just like John the Baptist (if he were to be alive today) would never be invited to 99% of independent Baptist churches today. I told him, if anything, God is calling you to start a church in the very place you grew up in. And that is exactly what happened. God has blessed his ministry and used that ministry in ways that only eternity will reveal how truly miraculous and far-reaching its impact has been. (And I do believe his article will now have a world-wide impact.) I say all that to say that Scott DeGiorgio is not your typical pastor, evangelist, or missionary. This man loves God, the King James Bible, and souls. He doesn ‘t have to say it. He lives it. He is by far the best Christian I have ever met. He is one of the few men on planet earth that I would ever take advice and counsel from. He is my favorite preacher. He is the best soulwinner I have ever known. He is the best teacher I have ever heard. He is the most balanced Christian I have ever met. I pray that the article you are about to read will shake you if you need to be shaken. I pray it will awaken you to the many spineless leaders who fill the ranks in the IFB movement who just sweep difficult subjects under the generational rug for another generation to deal with so they can continue building their little kingdoms and empires with their salaries and retirements in mind. It saddens my heart when I hear of so many evangelicals or fundamentalists disparaging each other’s leaders over their sins and downfalls (how can they possibly be praying for them?), but are yet unwilling to face the music when it comes to truth of the very Word of God and where the very words of God are. They would rather go online and drag dead people’s names through the mud and laugh at a leaders’ sin(s) or their downfall; but yet they are not willing to face the truth of the words of God contained in the Word of God because they have either kept their head in the sand or they have willingly put on their own blinders and filters and refuse to see and hear what is there to be seen and heard. God help us.

John Koletas, Pastor
Grace Baptist Church
612 Fourth Avenue
Troy, New York 12182

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